Shopify upgrades Linkpop with new features

Several months after Shopify launched its ‘link in bio’ service, Linkpop, they’ve updated it with new customizations, support for multiple users, and added the Buy It Now feature to all product links.

On July 11, 2022, I received several alerts in Slack from Fathom Analytics that my link in bio site,, kept going offline.

Uptime Monitoring in Slack
Fathom Analytics Uptime Monitoring in Slack

I was perplexed as to why it was happening, but now I think I know why. On July 14, 2022, Shopify sent out an email announcing that they upgraded their link in bio service, Linkpop. The downtime of my link in bio page was likely caused by Shopify deploying code and infrastructure updates, especially since they stated that Linkpop “now runs even faster.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Linkpop, Shopify launched the link in bio service in March 2022. The service further expands the reach of its ecommerce platform to social networks and directly competes against other link in bio services, such as Linktree, Bio Link, Linkjoy, Milkshake, and LinkFolio. To learn more, read my detailed review of Linkpop.

New Linkpop features

Shopify added more options to help them compete better against existing link in bio services. Users can now upload background images, apply unique styles to buttons, and make links more colorful. They can also embed music and videos to showcase their products better.

Add media feature in Linkpop
Linkpop updated with an option to add embedded music and videos

In addition to the new display features, Linkpop now supports creating up to five accounts per Linkpop signup. That allows social media managers to maintain multiple accounts. They also announced that all shoppable links are enabled with its “Buy It Now” button for three-click checkouts.

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