Shopify announces new design experience and other features at their Unite partner conference

The new design experience from Shopify enables more customizations, content portability, and a redesigned workspace.

Shopify Experience
New Shopify design experience

Shopify debuted a new design experience at their Shopify Unite 2019 partners conference in Toronto. Their goal with the update is to significantly expand customization options for store owners. Specifically, they designed it to provide more control over the layout and aesthetic of stores. The three main features of the update include:

The new design experience isn’t available yet but they expect to make it available to their customers later this year.

Additional New Shopify Features

The new design experience wasn’t the only big feature Shopify announced at the conference. Here’s a list of the other things they debuted.

The new features and services are a good indication of Shopify’s continued growth and dominance in the ecommerce industry. In addition to the announcements, Shopify has also started to contribute industry knowledge to the market thanks to their vast amount of customer data.

Coywolf’s online store runs on Shopify at and is looking forward to taking advantage of some of the new features.

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