Shopify launches Linkpop, a ‘link in bio’ page with shoppable links

Brands with Shopify stores can now build free 'link in bio' pages for their social profiles with Linkpop. The new service integrates Shopify's secure checkout, and visitors can make purchases with only three clicks.

Shopify Linkpop
Shopify Linkpop link in bio page with ecommerce

Link in bio pages are often used in social media profiles on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. The pages have a list of links used to dispatch people to related sites. People use them in different ways. For example, musicians use them to link to their music on streaming services, while brands often use them to link to their products and services.

People with basic web design skills can code and host their own link in bio page. For example, Coywolf uses a handmade link in bio page on its Twitter profile.

Coywolf link in bio page
Coywolf’s link in bio page is hosted free on IPFS and leverages Cloudflare’s to serve the IPFS site with the custom domain,

For those who don’t know how to code web pages, there are several WYSIWYG link in bio page builders they can choose from. Some of the most popular services include Linktree, Bio Link, Linkjoy, Milkshake, and LinkFolio. All of the services make it easy to design and populate the page with links.

Linktree on TikTok
Linktree link in bio page on TikTok

Link in bio pages have always linked out to other sites, and if a brand wanted to promote a product on its link in bio page, it had to link to its online store. That is, until now.

Shopify announced a new link in bio service called Linkpop. Shopify built its ecommerce capabilities directly into the link in bio page.

Businesses using Shopify can add ‘shoppable links’ to their Linkpop page, and visitors can purchase products without ever leaving the link in bio page.

Shopify Linkpop add to bag
Add item to Shopify cart via Linkpop page

Shopify says Linkpop allows brands to lead customers to specific pages and products at the exact moment of interest in their feed, and then transform them from a visitor to a customer in seconds. Shopify claims that visitors can fully checkout in three clicks.

Linkpop example page
Linkpop link in bio page example

Linkpop includes basic engagement metrics, including visits, link clicks, and clicks per visit. The service is available now and free for anyone to use. Linkpop requires the creation of a Shopify account to manage the page but does not require having a store.

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