Shopify adds Amazon order tracking to Shop app

Shopify updated its Shop app tracking feature to include automatic tracking of Amazon orders.

Shopify Shop app logo

When Shop launched in 2020, it consolidated orders from stores running on the Shopify platform. The app made it easy for customers to view orders from Shopify-powered stores and track the delivery of their packages. It was also possible to search for stores and make purchases via the app, but it didn’t have an Amazon Marketplace-like ability to search for any product from any store.

Since its launch, Shopify has expanded Shop to focus primarily on Shop Pay, recommendations, and tracking packages. The tracking feature, in particular, has evolved significantly over time. In the beginning, it would only notify you about orders made on Shopify stores. However, over time, it’s expanded to tracking packages found in Gmail and Outlook and now supports tracking for over 600+ carriers.

Shop app doubles down on order tracking

Shopify Shop app in Apple App Store
Shopify entitles Shop app as “Shop: package & order tracker” in Apple’s App Store

I’ve been using an app called Deliveries to track packages for several years. However, for the past few months, I’ve noticed tracking notifications from Shop appear alongside notifications from Deliveries at the same time. The only difference between the two apps is that I never added the orders and tracking details to Shop. Instead, Shop automatically detected and added them.

More recently, Shopify added an option to link an Amazon account. I noticed it because it was the first thing I saw after updating the app on my iPhone. Shopify is prominently promoting the new Amazon order integration at the top of the Shop Home screen.

Message to link Amazon account in Shop
Shopify promoting linking an Amazon account with its Shop app

Linking an Amazon account is also available in the “Add orders automatically” section of the Settings. Users can currently link Gmail, Outlook, and Amazon accounts.

Link accounts view in Shop app
Shopify’s Shop app supports linking Gmail, Outlook, and Amazon accounts for tracking

What’s unknown is what Shopify is doing with the order details. The Shop App Privacy page states:

Shop has been independently verified to securely handle emails and our use of information received from Gmail API is compliant to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Amazon and Outlook are noticeably absent from the Privacy Statement, and it’s unclear what data Shopify has access to. Shopify may have prioritized the tracking feature for Shop because they can use the data to analyze people’s shopping interests and habits.

Coywolf contacted Shopify for clarification on how they manage data privacy for tracking. This article will be updated if and when Coywolf receives a response from an official spokesperson.

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