‘Fast’ debuts one-click frictionless checkout that’s similar to Shopify’s but can be used on any platform

Capitalizing on Amazon’s expired 1-click patent, Fast officially launched its frictionless one-click checkout service that can be used by practically any ecommerce store. They promoted the service as making the internet faster.


Fast AF, Inc. launched its much-hyped one-click frictionless checkout service during a Zoom webinar on Wednesday. The webinar highlighted the Fast service and introduced attendees to its company culture and some of its investors.

Fast was described in the webinar as a universal checkout system that can be used by any online store. They also stated that it works on every site, platform, device, and browser.

Domm Holland of Fast
Domm Holland, Co-founder & CEO of Fast, shares details about its one-click services

The core selling point of Fast is that it provides a one-click frictionless checkout. You may recall that Amazon invented the “1-click checkout” and had a patent for it, but it expired on September 11, 2017. The expiration of that patent has made it possible for companies like Apple and Shopify to create one-click checkouts, and now Fast.

What sets Fast apart from other one-click checkouts is that Fast can be used practically anywhere. It’s the first full-featured one-click checkout service that isn’t tied to a specific ecommerce platform. It’s like Shopify’s one-click checkout, but without the need for Shopify.

Fast One-Click Checkout

Fast also has an ordering “wow” feature. Instead of having to add items to a cart, customers can buy items individually. Fast will then group all items into a single order for the merchant, and all items will be shipped together. It’s a smart trick that delays the order’s processing by minutes but makes the purchasing experience truly fast and seamless for the customer.

When customers purchase items from stores, order details are centralized in a similar way to Shopify’s Shop App. Fast’s interface isn’t nearly as slick as Shopify’s, but it is functional and has all of the features one would expect, like order details and tracking.

Fast Order Detail
Fast order detail page after making a purchase

Fast is available to sellers starting today.

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