Mozilla launches Firefox Better Web, a service that removes ads and tracking from news sites

Mozilla debuted a new subscription service with Scroll that provides an ad-free experience on partner sites and enhanced tracking protection with its Firefox web browser.

Firefox Better Web

Firefox Better Web with Scroll picks up where Google Contributor left off. The service combines Scroll’s browser extension with Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection.

Firefox Better Web supports the possibility of an internet that’s not dominated by ads and ad-driven revenue. It paves the way toward quality online content and a fast, clean, and private online experience—for all.

Together, it removes ads and tracking on publishing sites that have partnered with Scroll.

Firefox Better Web requires a monthly subscription because that’s how partner sites are paid. When Google Contributor existed, their subscription fee was $10/mo. Mozilla and Scroll have reduced the price by 50% to just $4.99/mo. They are also cutting their regular price in half ($2.49/mo) for six months in an attempt to get more people to try the service.

There are currently 37 publishing partners listed on Scroll’s site, including the popular digital marketing site, Search Engine Journal. According to Mozilla and Scroll, partner sites earn at least 40% more money with ads turned off.

Publisher Revenue

Firefox Better Web is currently in beta and is now available for anyone to use.

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