Firefox Ad-free Internet is a rebrand of Scroll that picks up where Google Contributor left off

Firefox Ad-free Internet is considered a direct competitor to Apple News+ but it's more akin to Google Contributor and has the potential to upend traditional revenue models for publishers by shutting out advertisers.

In November 2015, Google launched a service called Contributor that could hide ads on articles for a monthly fee. The model was considered a win-win for consumers and publishers. I subscribed to it as soon as it became available. A year later in December 2016, Google sent out an email notification that they were shutting down Contributor.

Contributor Email Message
Google Contributor email message announcing they are shutting it down

In the message, they said they would be launching a new and improved Contributor. However, they never did relaunch it. The Contributor site is no longer online and is yet another service Google has killed off.

Apple News+ versus Google News

Earlier this year, Apple announced Apple News+. Apple News+ combines magazines and newspapers into a proprietary native app for iOS and macOS. The service provides consumers access to news content that would otherwise require individual subscriptions.

When it was announced, it was considered a competitor to Google News, which it is. Aside from utilizing a native app, the biggest differentiator is that Apple charges a monthly fee to access a buffet of magazines and newspapers.

Google Play used to provide magazine and newspaper subscriptions, but that doesn’t appear to be available anymore. Based on the competitive history between Apple and Google, and Google’s significant interest in news content, one can assume that Google is working on launching a service that is similar to Apple News+.

Only Firefox (aka Scroll) is ad-free

Apple News+ is not ad-free. Just because you may not see ads now doesn’t mean they won’t be there soon. As Garett Sloane reported in AdAge, Apple may be ambivalent towards ads, but there will be ads.

Google News via AMP and Apple via their native app want to control how and where you consume content, but Firefox does not. Firefox Ad-free Internet is truly the predecessor of Google Contributor, not a one-to-one direct competitor to Apple News+. You pay a fee not to see ads on the publishers’ sites. Consumers win because their user experience is better, and publishers win because they don’t have their traffic essentially stolen by Google and Apple.

Update March 24, 2020 – Firefox Ad-free Internet is now called Firefox Better Web.

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