Feedly is developing an AI tool to help its users prioritize articles from RSS feeds

Feedly is working on an artificial intelligence research assistant named Leo that can automatically analyze and personalize results from RSS feeds based on a user’s interests and behaviors.

Leo AI
Feedly’s Leo AI

Feedly, a popular RSS feed reader with millions of users worldwide, recently announced the creation of a new AI research assistant named Leo. Their goal with Leo is to create an AI with a set of skills that will enable it to better prioritize articles from news feeds.

Leo is much more sophisticated than a simple news filtering tool. It’s a true AI that uses machine learning (ML) and neuro-linguistic programing (NLP) to achieve its results. Peter Martigny, ML and NLP Engineer at Feedly, tweeted an example of the type of models they’re using at the Second Annual West Coast NLP (WeCNLP) Summit. Martigny, along with other Feedly engineers, are using these models to power Leo’s content personalization skills.

Leo’s AI skills for news articles

Edwin Khodabakchian, Co-founder and CEO of Feedly, stated that Leo is not a black box recommendation engine. Instead, they want it to be a set of skills that gives you control over defining what information is important to the user. Feedly is working on adding the following skills to Leo:

Feedly has an Early Access program for existing users. As of this writing, they were still accepting new applications. If you are chosen, you are required to schedule a one-on-one session with a Feedly representative before they will activate it on your account.

Editor’s Note: I’m a long-time user of Feedly. I was one of their first paying customers, and I believed in their product vision so much, that I paid for their limited-time Feedly Pro Lifetime Edition account in August 2013. I’m also a big fan of RSS, which is why one of the first articles I wrote for Pro Members was about leveraging RSS for competitive research and content marketing – an article that prominently highlights the many benefits of using Feedly. With that being said, I do not have a relationship with Feedly and this is being reported because I think it’s newsworthy.

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